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In the high-rise buildings around the sculpture of Henk Visch a racists & anti-art flyer (representing
the current debate in the Netherlands) was distributed. Someone sent copies to local art institutes,
who reported it to the police. On December 17 there was a huge police presence, but of course no


Saterday December 17
at Erasmus bridge

The art mafia and the local asshole politicians erected a ‘beautiful’ multicultural sculpture next to the Erasmus bridge. Very colorful! Because it is so cosy with all these arabs, moroccans, turks, surinam people and artists! These socialists spent millions of euros on that colorful multicultural sculpture! Good for integration, they say! An invitation to all colorful people from the south of Rotterdam to come our way!! But they never ask us white people our opinion!!

That’s why we’re going to paint that multicultural sculpture white! Come to the Erasmus bridge on December 17 at 3 o’clock! bring white paint & paint brushes! Let’s do it!

Let’s get rid of these colors
the sculpture will be white!!

NRC Handelsblad 19-12-2011

Abstract art