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MUSEUM #9 - UTRECHT - 2014

In the neighbourhoods around the former headquarters of the NSB (Dutch Nazi Party) a flyer was distributed
asking people to donate militaria and collectables in their possesion to a new (ficticious) museum.
Dutch news agencies got hold of the story and wrote ‘Utrecht fears NSB-museum’.

Museum Museum

See: free download publication (PDF, 37 MB)


A new NSB-museum will be opening soon in the former headquarters of the NSB. The museum will not only show the history of the NSB from its creation in Utrecht in December 1931 till its abolition in 1945, but also pay attention to the fate of the (grand)children of NSB-parents after WWII.

Historians do not think as much in terms of 'right' & 'wrong' as they used to. There is more emphasis on studying the backround and motives of the people who cooperated with the 'enemy'. The museum will highlight little-known aspects of the history of the NSB. Most people do not know that the NSB did not start out as an antisemitic party (a considerable number of Jewish shopkeepers were party members in the 30's). It was during the occupation that antisemitic members gained full control of the party. We tend to forget that the NSB was a patriotic and a royalist party before the war.

A section of the museum will be devoted to the experiences of the (grand)children of NSB-parents. How on the one hand they loved their parents, like everbody else, but how they had to deal with society's judgement of their parents at the same time, which gave them the feeling that they were not allowed to exist and should hide all the time.

The NSB-museum can use fascinating objects and documents from the archives of the leading museums, but because of the taboo on the NSB a lot of things got lost or were not collected in the past.

That's why we ask your help:

Do you have NSB-militaria and collectables?
Do you have diaries or letters from family members who were NSB party members?
We would appreciate it you would be willing to donate these documents and objects to the new NSB-museum.

You can bring them yourselves or send them to:

Maliebaan 35
3581 CC Utrecht