Larry King


Lawrence Harvey Zeiger (born 1933), better known by his showbiz name Larry King, is an American television and radio host. He has won an Emmy Award, two Peabody Awards, and ten Cable ACE Awards.

On the Larry King Live show, King hosts guests from a broad range of topics. This includes controversial figures of UFO conspiracy theories and alleged psychics. One notable guest is Sylvia Browne, who in 2005 told the Newsweek magazine that King, a believer in the paranormal, asks her to do private psychic readings.

In 1997, King was one of 34 celebrities to sign an open letter to then-German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, published as a newspaper advertisement in the International Herald Tribune, which protested the treatment of Scientologists in Germany, comparing it to the Nazis' oppression of Jews in the 1930s.

King, who is known for his general lack of pre-interview preparation, once bragged that he never pre-reads the books of authors who appear on his show.

King has been married eight times, to seven women. With wife Shaw, a former singer and TV host, he has two children: Chance and Cannon. He also has three adult children from previous marriages: Andy and Chaia (with Alene Akins) and Larry Jr. (with Annette Kaye).