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MUSEUM #15 - HAARLEM - 2015

In Haarlem a flyer was distributed advertising a (ficticious) esotheric event in the Teylers Museum,
using the pseudo-scientific rhetoric that is populair with spiritual groups.

Museum Museum

See: free download publication (PDF, 37 MB)



What is crystal healing? It's the science of healing stones. A gentle system of holistic healing that uses the energy of gemstones to restore balance and harmony in our body. Every crystal has its own specific energy frequency. It transforms the frequency of our body cells. Crystal healing balances the energyfield of our body and harmonizes the chakras, to create a feeling of well-being and to strengthen the self-curing capacities of our body. On Wednesday January 21 you can balance your energy system. That day the Teylers Museum will open the glass display cases with the oldest and the most powerful crystal collection of the Netherlands for us. This special collection will have an instant cleansing and energizing effect on the aura and the chakras of every visitor.

The effect of healing stones is direct and without side effects. It is suitable for everyone. Harmonize your mind, your body, your soul.

Teylers Museum,
Spaarne 16, Haarlem
January 21, 2015