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MUSEUM #6 - LEIDEN - 2014

In all the wealthy neigbourhoods of Leiden flyers for a (ficticious) demonstration were distributed.
Dealing with the unresolved issue of Dutch colonial history.

Museum Museum

See: free download publication (PDF, 37 MB)


Moluccans announced that they will demonstrate on the 4th of October in front of the Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde because they demand the statues of their ancestors back. The world-famous sculptures 'Werwat & daughter' were shipped to Holland in 1913 by a Dutch military commander. And now the Moluccans want to return them to their original place to enable the inhabitants of the island of Kai Kecil to worship their ancestors again. That is a ridiculous idea! It's a trick to get their hands on these valuable sculptures! If every ethnic group demands their stuff back the museum will soon be empty! Only museums can take good care of these art objects! That's why 'Werwat & daughter' should stay in Holland! So raise your voice for the preservation of our heritage!

Come to the counter demonstration,
Saturday October 4, at 1.00 PM
Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde.